HAFNIA 24 Club

Join us in celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Danish Postal Service by becoming a member of HAFNIA 24 Club.

Individual support for HAFNIA 24 plays a crucial role and is the very heart of the exhibition. We would like to bring you closer to the exhibition so that you can experience the value of participating in HAFNIA 24.

By becoming a member of the HAFNIA 24 Club, you will join a group of passionate and committed supporters of philately. Your support will help us bringing the most exciting European philatelic event in 2024 to life.

We offer three categories for your support:

Contribution 3,000 Euro (22.350 DKK)
Benefits include: 2 VIP Lounge admissions, 2 Palmarès tickets, 2 tickets to a guided tour of Copenhagen, acknowledgment on the HAFNIA24 website and in the exhibition catalogue, mention on the sponsor wall at the exhibition, exhibition catalogue.

Contribution 750 Euro (5.588 DKK)
Benefits include: 2 VIP Lounge admissions, acknowledgment on the HAFNIA24 website and in the exhibition catalogue, exhibition catalogue.

Contribution 200 Euro (1.490 DKK)
Benefits include: 1 VIP Lounge admission, acknowledgment on the HAFNIA24 website and in the exhibition catalogue, exhibition catalogue.

To become a member of the HAFNIA 24 Club, please contact us at . We look forward to receiving your registration along with any other requests you as a member of HAFNIA 24 Club may have in connection with your visit to Copenhagen. After we have received your registration for HAFNIA 24 Club, you will receive detailed information on payment methods.

See You in Copenhagen 17 – 20 October 2024.

Current HAFNIA 24 Club members


Erik Benny Winther – Denmark
Jan Berg – Sweden
Heinrich Köhler GmbH – Germany
Corinphila Auktionen AG – Switzerland
Farumhus A/S – Denmark


Lisbeth Achton-Boel and Lars Daugaard, NORDFRIM – Denmark
Terje Heskestad – Norge
Postiljonen AB – Sweden
Jan-Olof Ljungh – Sweden
Lars Engelbrecht – Denmark
Eduardo Barreiros – Portugal
Serge Kahn – France
Dr. Martin Camerer – Genmany
Jiří Kraus – Czech Republic
De Danske Motivsamlere – Denmark
Birthe and Chris King – United Kingdom
Gōran Persson – Sweden
Tom Komnes – Norway
AIEP – Austria


Peter Bech – Denmark
Paul Wijnants – Belgium
Rolf Genz – Denmark
Jürgen Saeftel FRPSL – Germany
Ib Jensen Skytte – Denmark
Steen Jack Petersen – Denmark
John Buur Christiansen – Denmark
Knud Arne Jürgensen – Denmark
Niels Schou – Denmark
Bill Barrell – United Kingdom
Mark Butterline – United States of America
Daniel Meyerhoff – Switzerland
Lars-Olof Nilsson – Sweden
Ole Saugmann Rasmussen  – Denmark
Anders Vidstrup – Denmark
Lubor Kunc – Czech Republic
Hubert Caprasse – Belgium
Ivan Refsgaard Jensen – Denmark
Simon Anthony Richards – United Kingdom
Svend Åge Marcher – Denmark
Horst Horin – Austria
Tore Berg – Norway
Morten Johan Lintrup – Denmark

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