HAFNIA 24 exhibition will have more than 1300 exhibit frames with 16 A4 pages per frame (4×4 pages).
Conditions for exhibiting will be specified in the Individual regulations (IREX) for HAFNIA 24.

Find your Commissioner

You can find your national commissioner by clicking on this link.


The application deadline for Hafnia 24 was 1st January 2024 and has therefore now expired. It is no longer possible to apply for Hafnia 24.

F.I.P. Judging Criteria

F.I.P. Judging Criterias will be used when judging this FEPA exhibition.
You can find the newest updated judging criteria’s from the links to the different F.I.P. commission at the F.I.P webpage.

IREX Regulations

The IREX for the exhibition HAFNIA 24 is now available as PDF-file by clicking on this link.
The F.I.P. regulations (GREX, GREV and SREV) and guidelines is available by clicking on this link.
The FEPA regulations (FREGEX) is available by clicking on this link.

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