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We are ready to take order for Trade Stands at HAFNIA 24 in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen.
You are welcome to contact the Exhibition Management by writing to President of the organizing committee Lars Peter Svendsen at email:

Reserve Stand/s

All stands are sold as standard stands of three different standard stand sizes 6, 9 and 12 sqm. The standard stand is equipped with walls, electricity, light and name of trader.
The prices for the standard stand are:
6 sqm. stand 12.000 DKK excl. danish VAT
9 sqm. stand 15.000 DKK excl. danish VAT
12 sqm. stand 18.000 DKK excl. danish VAT
We can also offer parking space and lunch during the build up and exhibition days.

The stands are sold in cooperation with Øksnehallen from where you can order additional equipment to the stand. You can find the Exhibition Guide for HAFNIA 24 by clicking here
List of equipment offered from Øksnehallen you find Here
Order form to Øksnehallen you find Here

The Floorplan including already reserved stand you will find by clicking here
Find the list of Stand Holders Here

Advertising Opportunities

During 2024 the club-journal for Kjøbenhavns Philatelist Klub named “NFT – Nordisk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift” will be issued as 4 special extended journals describing the Danish Post during the last 400 years, in order to celebrate the anniversary of the Danish Post. The journal will be issued bilingual in Danish and English.

The exhibition catalog, with lists of exhibitors and dealers together with special articles, will be issued in English and will be handed over to dealers and exhibitor at the exhibition and will also be sold at the exhibition to visitors.

Ads of different sizes are sold to the following prices:
1/1 page color DKK 2,300.
1/2 page color DKK 1,300
1/4 page color DKK 735
1/8 page color DKK 400.
The prices are excl. Danish VAT and applies to finished, digital material.
A 10% discount is given for repeated entries.

Please contact the organizing committee at for further information.

Rarities Auction

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