HAFNIA24 – FEPA exhibition in Copenhagen 17-20 October 2024

On the 24. December 1624 the Danish King Christian IV signed a new regulation about implementation of delivery of mail in the Kingdom of Denmark. The Danish Post was thereby established.

In celebration of 400 years of Danish Post the Copenhagen Philatelic Klub (KPK) has decided to hold a FEPA exhibition in Copenhagen from 17-20 October 2024.
FEPA Patronage to the exhibition was given at the FEPA Congress i Liberec in October 2022.

Entrance to the Exhibition hall

The exhibition will take place in the very center of Copenhagen in the old Ox hall “Øksnehallen” build in 1901, which today is one of the most iconic exhibition halls in Copenhagen. The hall is in total 5000 square meters of space for the 1300+ frames, dealers etc.

Exhibition Hall

There is a hotel located in connection with the exhibition hall and also a conference center, where the Palmares will take place on Saturday 19 October.
There are more than 15 hotels within walking distance from the exhibition – ranging from 2 to 5 stars.
The famous amusement park TIVOLI is less than 500 m away and Copenhagen Town square is 1 km from the exhibition and from the square you enter directly into the shopping street “Strøget”.

Copenhagen Airport is only 8 km from the exhibition and there is train and metro between the two places every 20 minutes.

It is more than 22 years since the last HAFNIA exhibition in Copenhagen and we are very much looking forward to see all FEPA countries taking part in this event. 

Exhibition Hall – Flor plan


Help make Denmark’s next international stamp exhibition HAFNIA 24 a success
In order to be able to carry out a European stamp exhibition of the size that HAFNIA 24 will be – with up to 1500 frame pages – we need quite a large number of volunteers, so we hope that there are many stamp collectors who would like to help in order to establish the exhibition area, to complete the exhibition and to have HAFNIA 24 taken down and shut down.
The number of volunteer employees is of course greatest on 16 October – the day before the exhibition opens in Øksnehallen, and then on 20 October, when we must have taken down the exhibition area, but also during the 4 exhibition days from 17 October to 20. October, we need a number of tasks to be covered by volunteers.

As a starting point, it does not require any kind of prerequisites, however, so that on the day of installation and removal, frame material must be handled, which of course weighs a little. Everyone who signs up will of course receive an introduction to the task they sign up for or are assigned.

We need volunteers for the following:
– Installation and removal of frame material 16 and 20 October
– Supporters for setting up the exhibits in the frames (not necessarily setting up the boards in the frames) 16 and 20 October
– Guides/guards etc. in the exhibition area from 16 to 20 October
– Employees for the Bin room (where the exhibits arrive and are registered before setting up and after taking down) 16 and 20 October
– Photographers – who during the exhibition, during the award ceremony and at the Palmares (party evening) document the course of the exhibition with photos
– Employee at the information stand

If you would like to be part of the team that will make HAFNIA 24 a success, sign up as a volunteer to Søren Juhl Hansen by email ““, and indicate which days and which number of hours you would like will help and what you possibly would like to help. Remember to state your full name, address and telephone number. When we get a little closer to the exhibition time, you will hear from us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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